14 may

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 @ 6:23 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hello Hi Assalamualaikum beautiful and handsome (:
act cerita takde lah sangatkan :) ohhh lupa pulokk, can you see the annoying picture from me and prince. Ada nampak macam annoying tak first picture :D hahahaha, bila aku tengok gambar tu sorang sorang pun aku boleh gelak. Hmm kesiankan, sebulan dah takjumpa sbb cik  faezz sakit and we meet again, again and again. Oleh yang demikian lah muka muka disetiap gambar itu terjadi :) I love you mohammad faiz, I hope you be the last person for my life. No one can be like you and no one can make me love them like what you do. Promise to me that you'll never leave me alone until ever kbaiii ;)

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I know I'm Yours and you must know You're Mine and never forget about this
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