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Friday, April 20, 2012 @ 1:10 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Haii reader and starker. Jumaat day :) I wish today my mood will be better more than yesterday. Such quite hurt what I fill last night. Sorry to say, I crush when I hear it and I think everything be clamp and I hate to fill it. Sometimes I think you treat me like a dog. You take a long time to vengeance for what did I do at you, its not fair. Why I say like that? cause you almost lie with me, lie your heart and lie our filling when we spend time together. Wow ! I will never forget what you do, I will keep it ever. I remember, I remember and I will remember it forever. Hmmm :/

I know I do the biggest mistake so you can vengeance at me I am not angry with it but I think you take long time that  what make me crush and for your information every second of my breath in the time I fill your love so fantastic and sincere cause I think you already forgive me without any feeling of resentment and give me a another more change to be good than before but all my opinion was wrong and now I think more good if I silent and accept what happen. HMM kbaii -,-

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