1st April with surprice

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 @ 10:51 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Night reader :) I smile and happy like before cause I get super something special price from mom and dad on my birthday. Act as long as I live, I never ask to get the gift like that. But when he come to my life he change me everything with him situation I never think want birthday gift from family, just I want mom and dad fulfill my requests and last them make it true. Swear ! I fill like sweet dreaming. HAAAA :)

Reaksi abah sedikit sebanyak nmpaklah kecemasan bila aku cerita apa yang jadi dekat charming, hehe. Ehhhh sayang jugak ke dekat charming wahai abahku, En Mazlan ;) hihiii. From that, I can see dad like give a green light  just taknak mengaku cause takott aku letak harapan tinggi. Kita tktau lagikan masa depan kita macam mana, yang penting i hope, my future is with him !!!!! Aminnnnn. Hah Charming, dad dah green light maknanya sedikit kepercayaan dah ada, so you tu jangan nak berani nak tinggal I plak bukan senang okay En Mazlan tu nak percayakan orang and you pun taukan hal nie. Haiii big thanks to you dad :* Kbaiii

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