I am, I'm afraid

Monday, March 5, 2012 @ 11:15 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Telling me the truth and making me cry is better than telling me lie and making me smile :'( I'm sorry for what I do. I cant be strong like you know me before. Now I know that what I'm doing is wrong and make you uncomfortable and I better know it and I will try to more understand you. I still cannot be a person as you want, but I'll keep trying to be what you want. For good I will not force you to do something that you do not like it, now I let you get what you want but think it first whether it is good for you or it will worsen the situation. Sometimes I have thought for themselves to be other person but I cant. Don't worry you cannot to fill like it again :) now maybe you like it :D hopee you like hmm.

I want you to know, I do that cause I don't want to lost you ones again, I afraid if someday you will be man for another women, ergggh :| Thank you for still being honest and I appreciate it. Before this I'll try to be someone who is better different look like who is me ago. Please understand for what I do, for what I saying it just I afraid to lost your love :( Cant you understand for it? hmm maybe its not to easy for you but easy for me if you want like that. Thanks and sorry okaylah bye.

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