I gonna miss you syg ! .. :((

Monday, March 14, 2011 @ 11:33 AM | 0 Comment [s]

today is a day,
for what ???
i'm gonna go to TIMAH TASOH .. go n bleh lpak2 ngn kengkwn ..
haha.. best gyler nnty ,,
glak plak msty x ingt dunia .. (e2 dh tauw)
 tmbh2 dew plak bdk2 elmo yg meren2 haha :DD mmber trbaek 2 !!
ehh .. knal x bdk2 2 ?? xknal ?? hmm kjp aq upload gmbr dyeowg ..

 loading  ....



yi diela

Nik Yasmeen

haaaa.. 2 smua mmber2 gyler aq..
mmg larh nk g 2 bestkn ..
tpy,, adew yg akn wt aq rnduw..
nk tauw apew e2 ?? haha
msty i'll miss u darmdarm much bunny :((
hye, syg i gonna go for awile .. u jgn noty2 oke .. i tauw u noty2, i spak u .. hehe :)
xbleh larh nk msj2 mnja dgn u sketika syg.. hmm ..
ylhkn.. aktviti msty full kan ..
i hope u fhm dear, ble free i msj u .. oke ..

:(( the end ..

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