i be birthday girl today

Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 11:36 AM | 1 Comment [s]

today 1 april 2011 kankankan !!
aq pnya brthday lha ..
mlam smlam jew aq dpt hdiah special dry myCHIENTA HATY n myBROTHER ..
sprty sdia mklum , CHIENTA HATY dh ksi hdiahkn ,
btw , smlm dye sing song 2 me .. auuwwww !!
rsa nk ngis plak , hehehe ..
myBROTHER pn sma jgk , tpy siap ngn maen gitr lgy ..
mcm2 lgu dye maenkn ..

n tengs for all myfwenz yg wish brthday trmsuk fwenz2 aq d fb ..
ilove you all .. ehehe ..

pgy tdy aq dpat msj from papa aq .. iILOVEYOUMORE PAA ..

p/s :: oit , fieyka apy brthday yaww .. hope kauw bhgia n ceria
jgn lpa exm dh dkat oke ..

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