Friday, January 28, 2011 @ 2:08 PM | 0 Comment [s]

hye!! kemana kauw mnghlng,,

xkruan aq d'buatny,,
dye hlng cm 2 jew.. dgn msj asyk pending jew !!
asl nk pending msj 2 at dye jew !!
rnduw dh xtauw nk ckp,, at sklh xnmpk,,
bla xnmpk,, bleh bngong aq !! dh arr thun bruw cinaa, cty plak smnggu..
waaaaa !!! msty miss hbis,,

hye faezz razin !!!

mna kauw mnghlng ??
dry ary, khmis xnmpk..
nk cll rsa nervous hbis nk ckp ngn kauw ..(huhuhuh ;) )
nk g mna2 bkn nk gtauw aq,, sdeyh arr cm niey ,, hmmmm !!!
kauw xda, tdy mrnts desa aq lry s0wg2 jlah !!
adew kauw,, bleh  race dgn kauw. .

hmmm :((
p/s : xbest cti nie !!

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